The cross-bar of “Novaya Vysota” ladders is produced from packed profile and in the middle of it there is a plastic insert, which protects aluminium profile from deformation under increased loads.

The cross-bar of “Novaya Vysota” ladders is longer and wider than similar ladders of other producers and, it follows, that it is more stable. The fasteners is mounted into profile, only 2 balts make possible to remove and return the cross-bar without any efforts.

Sku Наименование Цвет Вес кг
1920005 Траверса 750 в сборе 61×20 чёрный 0.58
2920004 Траверса 750 в сборе 61×20 красный 0.58
1920006 Траверса 1000 в сборе 61×20 чёрный 0.71
2920005 Траверса 1000 в сборе 61×20 красный 0.71

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