Warranty and service

According to the regulations, rung ladders, stepladders and other climbing equipment are not subject to mandatory certification. Nevertheless, all branded products of “Novaya vysota” have undergone voluntary certification of Rostest to all Union State Standards.

Warranty liability

There is a specific warranty period of exploitation for each series of products.
There are the following warranty liabilities for these periods:
— The warranty period amounts from the date of its purchase by the final consumer. Documents that prove the purchase are an invoice or a cash voucher.
— Warranty is limited by the defects that can be caused by the breakdown in the technological process or poor-quality materials.

Additional warranty liabilities

  • Parts, which are naturally worn out during usage. And also defects, which are caused by the natural process of usage.
  • Product damages which appeared as a result of non-compliance with the rules of exploitation or which were used not for intended purposes. And also which were used in unnatural conditions as a result of overloading or excessed weight or poor technical service.
  • Product damages that appeared during the usage of spare parts or parts from other manufacturers.
  • Products that have been technically changed or repaired not by the manufacturer or its legal representative.
  • Minor deviations from the norms that do not influence the quality and usage of the product as intended.

In case of warranty liabilities the manufacturer in its own discretion can repair or replace the faulty product or parts. The replaced product becomes the property of manufacturer.

In case of warranty liability the consumer at his own expense and at his own risk ensures technical expertise, repair replacement and delivery of the product to the manufacturer’s plant. In case of confirmation of warranty liabilities, the manufacturer covers expenses of the delivery according to minimum transportation tariffs.

Warranty period won’t be extended if an insured event occurs.
Other requirements, except the right to reconstruct the faulty product, are not stipulated by the warranty liability.

Operating instructions

  • It is important to install correctly the equipment into the working position as well as to set up and remove safely.
  • Do not damage the climbing equipment during transportation and storage. Take care of people around. Do not use and store the equipment in an aggressive environment.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the equipment condition. It is important to examine the equipment and to lubricate and clean it.
  • When used in industry pay special attention to its reliability. Before starting a task, you should always carry out a “pre-use” check to spot any obvious visual defects to make sure the equipment is safe to use. Detailed visual inspections must be carried out regularly by a competent person.
  • Do not attempt to service the product yourself. If you have any questions, please contact the manufacturer.

Each item has side label with a set of rules in pictograms. It is important to follow these simple rules for safe and continuous work.

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