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Wide range of accessories for rung ladders provides convinience and safety when performing works at any height. According to the sphere of usage and necessary functions every rung ladder can be modified by additional characteristics.
Decks for multipurpose rung ladders allow you to convert the rung ladder into convinient work platform. Usual single rung ladders can be additionally reinforced by cross-bar or equipped with antiskid plastic feet. Plastic end caps can always be replaceable if they are lost or in case of amortization.
Due to the wide range of components our rung ladders can be adapted to any usage conditions.

Compatibility with other items

Accessories Rung ladders Stepladders Multipurpose ladders
One-component plastic feet for cross-bar
Two-component plastic feet for cross-bar
One-component plastic end caps
Two-component plastic end caps
Plastic inserts for cross-bar
Decks for multipurpose ladders