Two-section aluminum industrial multipurpose ladder NV5220 sku 5220219

Working height
613—1006 cm
5 years

Positions of using:

  • leaning rung ladder
  • leaning extension rung ladder
  • stepladder

Technical advantages:

  • multiuse two-section rung ladder
  • top ladder fitted with wall wheels for comfortable wall movement
  • strong, weather resistant belts
  • extra aluminium rigid connection
  • rungs and stiles are made from extruded profiles
  • strong riveting connects rungs and stiles, providing extra reliability and lasting quality
  • rifled rung pitch of 260 mm for maximum safety when ascending the ladder
  • plastic protective clips on the rungs and on the guide brackets for comfortable use
  • sturdy guide brackets from extruded profile fix the extendable section reliably in any working position
  • four hooks from extruded profile with automatic lift-off retainer
  • wide cross bar provides extra stability
  • firmly seated in the stiles and cross bar end caps are made from 2 component plastic where hard component is responsible for security fixing and soft component prevents risk of slipping.
  • durable and totally repairable
Schema: Two-section aluminum industrial multipurpose ladder NV5220
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