Three-section professional aluminium rung ladder NV 3230 sku 3230311

Working height
405—755 cm
3 years

Positions of using:

  • leaning rung ladder
  • two-section leaning extension rung ladder
  • three-section leaning extension rung ladder
  • two-sided stepladder
  • stepladder with an extendable section

Варианты использования трехсекционной лестницы NV 300

Technical advantages:

  • very lightweight but extremely durable and reliable
  • rungs and stiles made from extruded profiles
  • strong riveting connects rungs and stiles, providing extra reliability and lasting quality
  • rifled rung pitch of 260 mm for maximum safety when ascending the ladder
  • stile guides made from 4 mm deep galvanized steel fix the extendable ladder section reliably during all positions for use
  • automatic locks for hooks
  • optimum stability thanks to wide cross bar
  • end caps are made from two component plastic where hard component is responsible for security fixing and soft component prevents risk of slipping. They are adjusted from both sides for convinient work
  • the upper extendable section can be easilly pulled out and put up and be used separately as single leaning rung ladder
Schema: Three-section professional aluminium rung ladder NV 3230 sku 3230311
Sku Steps A, m B, m C, m D, m E, m F, m G, m H, m I, m J, mm K, mm L, m M, m N, m Weight, kg
3230311 3×11 2,86 2,8 4,05 6,58 7,55 0,35 1,2 5,8 4,55 72 23 0,2 2,90 0,48 19