Industrial mobile scaffold ladder with platform NV5510 sku 5510108

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5 years
  • The mobile one-sided platform steps are designed to create a workplace at a height. Suitable for regular use in professional work. Possesses high strength and durability with light weight (from 40 kg). Complies with GOST (Russian standard) R58752−2019.
  • The working platform of 800×500 mm ensures safety and convenience during continuous work at height. Maximum working surface and stability when working on site.
  • Strong railing 1.0 m high from the front and 1.1 m from both sides of the platform with slats at the knee level and an additional barrier at the foot level.
  • The lift is equipped with handrails on both sides.
  • Convenient wide treads with safety edge are firmly connected to the uprights with a 32-fold roller connection.
  • Longitudinal and diagonal struts provide additional structural rigidity.
  • The depth of the steps is 80 mm. The surface of the steps is corrugated to eliminate slipping when climbing.
  • Two rigid cross-bars ensure the stability of the ladder. One of the cross-bars is telescopic, with variable length to create the widest possible support area.
  • The cross-bars are equipped with wheels 125×30 mm with brakes for ease of movement and quick preparation for use.
  • Practicality and attention to each component guarantee comfortable and safe work at any required height.
Schema: Industrial mobile scaffold ladder with platform NV5510
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