Folding aluminum scaffold-tower to 3 m NV 1460

Max load
120 kg
1 year

The easy to move and toolless erectable aluminium folding scaffold for occasional applications.
— Also in folded execution ergonomically transportable. Takes up little space when folded.
— 2 platforms of 1.0×0.28 m are made of antiseptic plywood with the possibility of installation at different levels. They are used as a shelf or a work platform.
— Grooved rungs 23×23mm for reliable grip..
— Rolling rungs attachment. As strong as welding.
— 100 mm diameter wheels for one-person movement.
— Rack tips made of durable plastic. Do not slip or damage the floor.

Schema: Folding aluminum scaffold-tower to 3 m NV 1460
Sku Steps A, m B, m C, m D, m E, m F, m G, m H, m I, m J, m K, m Weight, kg Цена Buy
1460204 2×4 0,37 0,78 2,78 1,15 0,68 0,56 1,01 1,13 0,22 1,15 0,68 14,1 по запросу

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