Professional aluminium garden stepladder NV 3191 sku 3191110

3 years
  • Designed for gardening and agricultural work
  • Convenient and secure access to tree crowns
  • Reinforced design for professional and domestic use
  • Easy to adjust and provides high level of comfort
  • Reinforced folding mechanism (steel reinforcement)
  • Very lightweight but extremely durable and reliable
  • Steps and stiles are made from extruded aluminium profiles
  • 80 mm deep wide steps with the increased thickness
  • Rifled surface of the steps is for maximum safety when ascending the ladder
  • Sturdy six-time riveted step/side rail connection for more stability
  • Firm positioning thanks to steady plastic end caps
  • High-strength safety belt
  • Back aluminum prop are for ground
  • Practicality and attention to every component guarantee safe work at any height
Schema: Professional aluminium garden stepladder NV 3191
Sku Steps А, м B, м С, м D, м E, м F, м G, м Weight, kg Цена Buy
3191110 1×10 4 3.26 3.05 0.99 0.18 3.26 0.99 10.9 по запросу