Multipurpose rung ladder NV 3320 sku 3320406

3 years

Positions of using:

  • leaning rung ladder
  • stepladder
  • leaning, L-shaped rung ladder
  • standing platform

Варианты использования лестницы-трансформера NV 300

Technical advantages:

  • very lightweight but extremely durable and reliable
  • rifled rungs for maximum safety when ascending the rung ladder
  • rungs and stiles are made from extruded aluminium profiles
  • reinforced stiles in overloaded places provide high stability
  • strong riveting connects rungs and stiles, providing extra reliability and lasting quality
  • locking hinge device is regulated by one hand
  • reliable self-locking
  • two wide cross-bars provide optimum stability during working in all positions
  • cross-bar can be easily assemble and disassemble due to special fasteners
  • fasteners is integrated into profile to prevent its loss
  • plastic inserts for reliable cross-bar adjustment protect profile from deformation and surrounding objects from scratches during transportation
  • two-component feet of cross-bar prevent risk of slipping, they are reliably riveted.
Schema: Multipurpose rung ladder NV 3320 sku 3320406
Sku Steps А, m B, m C, m D, m Е, m F, m G, m J, m H, m I, m Объём, m3 Weight, kg Buy
3320406 4×6 6.42 0.4 0.3 1.65 3.08 1.66 4.69 0.42 0.3 1.65 0.2 17.5