Multipurpose aluminium rung ladder NV 3321 sku 3321404

3 years

Operating positions

  • leaning rung ladder
  • stepladder
  • leaning, L-shaped rung ladder
  • work platform


  • Upgraded series for professional use.
  • Very lightweight but extremely durable and reliable.
  • 600 mm wide base width for maximum reliability.
  • Rungs and stiles are made from extruded aluminium profiles.
  • Strong riveting connects rungs and stiles providing extra reliability and lasting quality.
  • Technology for attaching steps of high reliability.
  • Stiles with additional reinforcement in the most loaded places.
  • Rifled surface of 30 mm-rungs for maximum safety when ascending the rung ladder.
  • Removable handrails for added safety.
  • Reliable self-locking.
  • Locking hinge device is regulated by one hand.
  • Removable floor for the “Work platform” position made of aluminum / laminated plywood.
  • Two wide transverse 750 mm cross-bars provide high stability when working in all positions.
  • Cross-bars are quickly installed and removed using special fasteners.
  • Feet for cross-bar prevent risk of slipping, they are reliably riveted.
  • Plastic inserts of the cross-bar mount protect the profile and surrounding surfaces from damage.
  • Riveting shoe made of durable two-component plastic with rivets prevent slipping.
  • Additional braces and stops for maximum structural rigidity.

*Product parameters are subject to change.

Schema: Multipurpose aluminium rung ladder NV 3321 sku 3321404
Sku Steps А, m B, m D, m Е, m F, m G, m H, m С, m I, m К, кг Объём, m3 Weight, kg
3321404 4×4 4,50 0.5 1.21 2,18 1,21 3,28 0.51 0.26 1.24 150 0.164 15.8