Aluminum paint work platform 500 mm width NV1360

Max load
150 kg
1 year
  • Folding aluminum profile work platform, ideal for finishing and repair work.
  • Standing platform 755×500 mm.
  • Fixed antiseptic coated plywood board.
  • Easy to install and folds into a compact position for storage and transportation.
  • Rifled surface of steps for maximum safety when ascending the ladder.
  • Steps and stiles are made from extruded aluminum profiles.
  • Multiple flaring connects rungs and stiles, providing extra reliability and durability.
  • Two-component plastic end caps fixed on stiles for a stable position.
Schema: Aluminum paint work platform 500 mm width NV1360
Sku Ступ. A, m B, m C, m D, m E, m F, m G, m H, m Максимальная нагрузка, kg Weight, kg Цена Buy
1360203 2×3 0,78 2,78 0,52 0,76 0,99 0,19 1,40 0,51 150 6,2 по запросу


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