Professional 2.8 m working height scaffold with aluminum platform NV3341

Working height
56—168 cm
Max load
250 kg
3 years

Position of using:

  • standing platform
  • leaning rung ladder
  • leaning, L-shaped rung ladder

Technical advantages:

  • folding work platform from aluminium profile is ideal for all types of work requiring wide and long platform
  • nonslip board from rifled aluminium sheet
  • board can be easily removed to use the item as a leaning rung ladder
  • work platform can be easily assembled and folded to compact dimensions for transport and storage
  • locking hinge device is regulated by one hand and reliably self-locked
  • work platform is equipped with the removable rollers for easy movement
  • load capacity and optimal dimensions of platform allow two workers to execute the work simultaneously
  • rifled rungs are for maximum safety when ascending the ladder
  • rungs and stiles are made from extruded aluminium profiles
  • reinforced stiles in overloaded places provide high stability
  • strong riveting connects rungs and stiles providing extra reliability and lasting quality
  • firmly seated in the stiles plastic end caps prevent risk of slipping
Schema: Professional 2.8 m working height scaffold with aluminum platform NV3341
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3341242 2×4х2 2,10 0,57 0,50 0,56 0,98 1,43 1,59 0,56 2,56 2,66 3,13 0,16 1,16 0,58 250 13,3 по запросу
3341363 3×6х3 3,14 0,57 0,50 0,81 1,50 2,04 2,35 0,81 2,81 3,42 4,11 0,16 1,68 0,58 250 17,4 по запросу

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