Professional mobile scaffold 3.3 m working height NV3410

Max load
150 kg
3 years
  • For professional use, for interior as well as for outdoor works
  • Equipped with the wheels for easy movement
  • Easy to set up and provides high level of comfort
  • Convinient quick-release fasteners
  • Stiles and barriers are from extruded aluminium profiles
  • Framed board construction with the hinges for quick adjustment at the required height
  • Board from waterproof and non-slipping plywood can be set up at different levels
  • Equipped with the trap door for safe ascending
  • Reinforced cross bar
  • Cross-bar adjustment for work close to the wall
  • Firm positioning thanks to steady plastic end caps
  • Suitable for work on stairs
  • Optimized transport dimensions for storage and transportation
  • Practicality and attention to each detail guarantee safe work at any height
Schema: Professional mobile scaffold 3.3 m working height NV3410
Sku Steps A, m B, m C, m D, m E, m F, m G, m H, m I, m J, m K, m Weight, kg Цена Buy
3410208 2×8 0,77 1,29 3,29 2,15 1,51 0,50 1,38 1,62 0,18 2,10 0,58 26,1 по запросу


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